Second Award To Museum Lounge & Suites!

Museum Lounge and Suites, unearthed and again rendered functional by the restoration work by argos in Cappadocia is awarded with the ‘Jury’s Appreciation’ award by Architect Turgut Cansever National Architecture Awards.

Organized by Kepez Municipality, the fourth Architect Turgut Cansever National Architecture Awards found their owners. This year’s theme was ‘tourism structures’ and with a nation wide evaluation, Museum Lounge and Suites were honored with Jury’s Appreciation’ award.

Museum Lounge and Suites, regained through the project and design of Argos Architecture and Design and is opened on January, exhibits mill stones and mule channels that had been very well preserved under the earth of historical bezirhane.* In the modern times when the genuine bezirhane culture of Cappadocia has only a few left behind, this historical space found within the traditional village texture makes an exhibition, event and acommodation space that would allow the bezirhane culture to be understood.

Architect Turgut Cansever National Architecture Awards are delivered in the name of Kepez Mulicipality by Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Architects as a tribute to ‘Master Architect’ Turgut Cansever.

*Linseed oil mill.