Grand Award For A Unique Heritage

The historical ‘Museum Lounge and Suits’ unearthed during the restoration works and bestowed a new function by argos in Cappadocia Hotel is honored with ‘Architecture Preservation Award’ by 2018, National Architecture Exhibition and Awards.

Delivered for the first time in 1988 by the Turkish Republic Chamber of Architects, the most prestigious architecture award went to Museum Lounge and Suits, the new historical venue unearthed by argos in Cappadocia. The multi-purpose event hall and the building complex consisting of new suit rooms are honored with ‘Architecture Preservation Award’ after an evaluation by an independent and highly esteemed jury.

The new historical space regained through the project and design of Argos Architecture and Design holds more than one function: The venue exhibits mill stones and mule channels that had been very well preserved under the earth of historical bezirhane.* The stone carved details reflecting possibly an Ottoman era industrial structure’s floor details gives away the trails of a linseed oil mill.

The ground data obtained by the excavations allowed the architects to estimate that the old bezirhane was demolished by falling rocks centuries ago. Then probably in 17th century, a house was built over the ruins to be later demolished by 1970’s and has left the location completely under debris. The project to be built upon such a historical progress was designed to be loyal to both the old bezirhane and the demolished house.

The new discovery reveals two bezirhane structures in Uçhisar, in the same neighborhood, only 250 meters distance from each other. Current Bezirhane in argos in Cappadocia which was also another restoration investment by the hotel, is a function of Ottoman Era of the original Monastery Church and is again in use since 2010 as one of the most authentic concert halls of Turkey as well as a hosting space for many special and cultural events. Like Bezirhane, Museum Lounge with its modern design that at the same time protects the traces of history, will continue its function as a special space that connects different eras.

*Linseed oil mill.