Argos in "Good Architecture" Campaign

Vitra/Artema, one of the leading trademarks of the Eczacıbaşı Group, has focussed on Argos in Cappadocia in its advertisements of September 2011.

Since April, 2010, the company has a campaign aiming to draw public attention to high quality design and execution in architecture, by asking the question “What is good architecture?” in its advertisements. With this campaign, Vitra/Artema intends on the one hand, to identify the employers who support the emergence of high quality architecture, and on the other hand, takes the occasion to thank architects who use their products.

The advertisements expressing respect for good architecture also include information on specific structures and their designers/builders.

The hotel complex, Argos in Cappadocia, as a project of transformation and restoration in a rural setting, stands apart from the other structures mentioned in Vitra/Artema’s campaign. It also stands out with its 15-year-long adventure of design and execution, and the inclusion of a large number of architects, architecture students, and local builders in this adventure.

In the name of Argos Yapi, we thank Vitra/Artema. We appreciate their awareness of the difficulty of the work involved in creating high quality buildings, and we thank them for including social responsibility in their trademark.